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12+ Great Gift Ideas for Administrative Professionals Day

Whether your administrative professional goes by the title of executive assistant, strategic business partner, or chief of staff, recognize their hard work on Administrative Professionals Day and throughout the year with meaningful gifts.

by Kimberly Valentine on March 17, 2023


  • Recognize executive assistants at various times, including holidays.

  • Know your assistant’s interests and give personalized gifts.

  • Other ideas include spa days, professional development, and gift baskets.

For many leaders, the work their executive assistant does is the difference-maker in reaching maximum efficiency and productivity. Executive assistants (EAs) connect the dots in logistical and workforce planning, contribute to major projects, and often lead the way on new internal initiatives. Without great EAs chopping down a complex to-do list, these tasks would overload executives and stall business growth.

Considering the critical role that EAs fulfill, it’s just as critical to recognize and acknowledge their contributions to your company — during the holidays, throughout the year as your EA wraps up key projects, and of course on Administrative Professionals Day, which is celebrated on April 26 in 2023.

Knowing your EA’s interests — both professional and personal — can guide your gift-giving selections and ensure the gesture is meaningful. Find inspiration in these smart gift ideas for your executive assistant:

The Best, Most Inexpensive Gift Idea for Your Executive Assistant

Take it from us: Buy an assortment of nice thank-you cards or personalized stationery, and stash it in your desk drawer. The least you can do (simple, handwritten thank-you notes to your EA when they’re most merited) will be the most valued.

Next-level ideas for acknowledging your executive assistant’s hard work and impact include honoring them with an employee award. You might also nominate them for an industry-wide recognition such as the 2023 Admin Awards’ Strategic Partnership Award.

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Gift Ideas for Your Executive Assistant: Curated Gift Boxes

The modern era of gift boxes offers thoughtful and unique options that enable you to personalize the products, especially if you know your EA’s tastes:

  • Box Fox has a wide range of curated gift boxes filled with products geared to travelers, whiskey drinkers, and pasta lovers, as well as products that encourage self-care and relaxation (cost: $35 – $250+).
  • Foxblossom Co. allows you to choose from themed curated boxes or build your own by selecting from dozens of products, priced individually, to reflect your EA’s interests and likes ($40 – $250+).
  • Knack sells pre-boxed gifts for a variety of occasions and interests, which can be sorted by price range: under $75, $75 to $100, or over $100. Or you can personalize a gift box from Knack by building it from scratch. Start by selecting a theme — say, handmade, sustainable, gourmet, or well-being — then purchase and package several items within that theme ($50+).
  • Spoonful of Comfort’s curated gift boxes include “Employee Appreciation” options filled with soups and cookies. And if wheat is a concern, gluten-free boxes are also available ($35 – $105).
  • Sugarwish offers various box sizes filled with candy, cookies, popcorn, and even wine and cocktails. You can also select the “Appreciation Sugar Wish” to send a digital card to your EA so they can choose their favorites to box up and receive ($25 – $79). 

Gift Ideas for Your Executive Assistant: A Break From Work

On Administrative Professionals Day, taking your EA out for lunch is almost a given if you both work onsite. A nice lunch ($65 – $200) during the workday allocates quality time to chat about non-work topics and shows you care about maintaining the relationship. If your company is remote, consider treating your EA to lunch delivery by sending them a digital gift card for Uber Eats or DoorDash the day before, and make sure to include enough to cover the delivery charge and tip ($30 – $50).

Providing an extra paid day off of work (cost: one day of pay and productivity) allows your executive assistant to spend time with their family or relax at home. Especially if your EA has voiced a desire to have more time to do the things they enjoy — whether it’s crafts, volunteering, an adventure with the kids, or a ski getaway — giving them a day away from the office shows your regard for their needs.

Up the ante on the day-off gift by footing the bill for a spa session ($200 – $300) that will help them really unwind. Spa treatments are personal, so buy a gift card and let your EA select and schedule specific treatments that will relax them most. Alternatively, consider giving a gift card for your EA’s favorite restaurant so they can enjoy lunch or dinner with their family on their day off ($100 – 200). 

Gift Ideas for Your Executive Assistant: Professional Development

For EAs intent on expanding their skill sets and advancing their careers, consider enrolling them in a course or certificate program (such as project management or social media) that matches their interests. The cost of programs varies. For instance, the project management basics online course through the Project Management Institute runs $400, Hootsuite Academy’s advanced social media strategy course is $999, and the Professional Administrative Certification of Excellence (PACE) through the American Society of Administrative Professionals (ASAP) is $475.

Another way to encourage your EA’s professional development is to pay for their membership in an industry or professional organization they’re interested in. Your executive assistant can join ASAP for free, and you could pay for their attendance to the organization’s annual Administrative Professionals Conference and Executive Assistants’ Summit ($1,595 – $2,495). If your EA seeks to develop their personal brand as a public speaker on topics of expertise, consider a gift of membership to Toastmasters International ($65 for new members) or the National Speakers Association ($525 – $950 annually) or a gift of sessions with a speaking coach.

Do you have a great gift idea for your executive assistant that’s not on this list? Share it with us at editor@seniorexecutive.com

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