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Learning and Development (L&D) Resources 18 min

20 L&D Podcasts Every Chief Learning Officer Needs to Hear

Here’s your comprehensive guide to the best learning podcasts to listen to in 2024.

by Senior Executive Media Editors on December 18, 2023


  • Podcasts are a great format for understanding trending L&D topics such as networking and technology from a diverse range of perspectives.

  • Hosts include David James, CLO of 360 Learning, Lloyd Dean, a U.K. learning coach, and Sarah Cannistra, executive coach.

  • Listening to these podcasts on L&D can spark inspiration and help you discover new ideas and strategies to apply at your own organization.

Editor’s Note: This piece was originally published by Sophia Wu in May 2023 and has since been updated by Zee Johnson.

The learning and development (L&D) industry is constantly evolving through continuous learning. That’s why it’s important for L&D and HR professionals to stay on top of workforce development trends, new insights, and data points that can help shape their work in the field. Listening to L&D podcasts is a great way to delve deeper into areas of interest ranging from microlearning to performance assessment, equipping listeners with the tools they need to capitalize on strategies. 

Senior Executive L&D compiled a list of L&D podcasts to help leaders like you brush up your industry knowledge. Several of these podcasts stem from L&D consultancy firms that have team members rotate hosting, whereas other shows on the list are hosted by L&D experts and coaches. You’ll note there’s a range of approaches — most of the podcasts conduct open discussions interview-style while others explore L&D through games, films, and exchanges of ideas. 

Whether you’re new to L&D or a seasoned veteran, this list of podcasts will offer insights and takeaways that you can bring back to your organization to inspire change and provide fresh perspectives. Click on the L&D podcast titles below to jump down for more information about them.

TECHTalks New Tech Frontiers

Hosted by Raquel Buscaino, the emerging technology lead of Deloitte’s U.S. Novel and Exponential Technologies team, “TECHTalks New Tech Frontiers” addresses the most in-demand technology topics and how leaders are interacting with these innovations daily. This podcast enlightens all leaders on what the future of tech holds and how it influences workplace strategies. Recent episodes touch on the evolution of technology over that past century, plus the expanding capabilities of generative AI.

  • Apple podcast rating: 4.5 stars
  • Review bite: “A wonderful podcast that is super insightful!”
  • Typical run time: 20 mins
  • 1st episode: The Future of Space Tech” — February 8, 2023 

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They Learn You Win

Hosted by David Wentworth, VP of talent platform evangelist at Schoox, “They Learn You Win” takes a human-centric approach to L&D. This biweekly conversational podcast features L&D experts and leaders such as Lan Tran, chief learning officer at McDonald’s. Wentworth explores the current L&D trends, technologies, and strategies that have worked for fellow L&D executives in achieving their organizational goals. 

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Mind the Skills Gap

Hosted by Stella Collins, cofounder and chief learning officer of Stellar Labs, “Mind the Skills Gap” combines neuroscience with L&D and reveals the factors that interrupt the transfer of skills. Collins and her guests, such as former head of learning strategy at Shell, Brent Kedzierski, and author of “Learning Technologies in the Workplace,” Don Taylor, discuss how exactly the brain works as it pertains to learning, how to motivate the brain to learn, and how the brain builds learning habits.

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All Hands

Lattice’s “All Hands” podcast is for people leaders in all industries who are looking for a forum to exchange their most pressing questions, concerns, and challenges when leading a workforce. Hosted by Katelin Holloway, founding partner of venture capital firm Seven Seven Six, the podcast features executive leaders from Adobe, Glassdoor, and Costco. Episodes include discussions on the importance of skills-based hiring, leading with empathy, and building a positive workplace culture.

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Learning at Large

Kirstie Greany, head of customer learning at Elucidat, hosts the “Learning at Large” podcast where global L&D executives share the best practices that enabled them to scale their learning initiatives. Greany dives deep into topics such as using personal values to build high-performing teams, how to deliver human-centered learning, and creating digital-first learning strategies at scale. Executive guests include Angie Elliott, manager of sales enablement and talent development at Hormel Foods, Miguel Premoli, former VP of HR at Walgreens Boots Alliance, and Rob Ollander-Krane, former head of talent planning and performance of Gap Inc.

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AXIOM Insights Podcast

This award-winning learning podcast emphasizes how to improve organizational performance through learning. Hosted by Scott Rutherford, vice president of marketing at Axiom Learning Solutions, a learning and development services firm, “AXIOM Insights Podcast” explores topics such as time management and efficiency in the age of remote work and ways to improve delegating tasks for managers that can promote learning growth. Past guests of the podcast have included learning and development consultant and owner of Learning Culture Partners Rachel Horwitz, with whom Rutherford discusses building a learning culture, and CEO of leadership development company Workplace Success Group Karen Hinds, who spoke about using DEI to improve workplace learning.

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BLOC Podcast

Learning professional Heidi Kirby hosts BLOC (Building Learning and Organizational Culture) Podcast, which is centered around the creative and innovative aspects of L&D that other learning professionals can apply to their everyday work. Some of the topics Kirby covers might not sound like it relates to L&D — such as when she discusses journaling and handwriting with Sam Kain of Purple Reset Publishing, a productivity journal. They talk about how handwriting helps with learning retention, as well as how L&D professionals can benefit from using writing as a tool in their work. The host also conducts “Dear Heidi” episodes in which she answers questions that come from listeners via LinkedIn. In one such episode, for example, she fields the questions: “How do I know what to put in my instructional design portfolio?” and “How do I deal with a toxic boss who keeps giving me more and more work… and who keeps expecting me to take orders without any pushback?”

  • Apple podcast rating: 5 stars
  • Review bite: “I absolutely love this podcast and find each episode so informative. I love Heidi’s soothing voice and feel like she is such a genuine person. I only wish there were more episodes for me to listen to!!”
  • Typical run time: 45 mins
  • 1st episode:VR and Simulation with Eamonn Powers” — July 24, 2020

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The Business of Learning

Hosted by a team of learning professionals at TrainingIndustry.com, “The Business of Learning” is a podcast that examines capitalizing corporate training to drive business performance. Their guests are experts in L&D, including Heather Balcerek, then talent development program manager at Amazon (now L&D leader at Maximus), and Bruce Landry, managing partner and chief experience officer at learning and leadership consulting firm Canvas. The hosts discuss industry trends, original research, and trending topics such as career mobility through the lens of L&D, women’s leadership development, and simplifying learning technologies. 

  • Apple podcast rating: 4.2 stars
  • Review bite: “If you want to learn of ways to enhance your organization this podcast is a must!”
  • Typical run time: 30 mins
  • 1st episode: Training Manager Competency Model” — March 26, 2018

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CIPD Podcast

Hosted by learning experts of CIPD, a membership community for HR and people development professionals, this collection of podcasts explores a range of topics, such as the future of learning with the onset of ChatGPT and artificial intelligence technologies, the value of cultural intelligence at the workplace, and the challenges related to pay transparency. Some past guests have included Katie Obi, chief people officer at Beamery (now at Advanced software company), and Ritika Wadhwa, former chief operating officer at Cultural Intelligence Centre, a research tool designed to create more inclusive workplace communities. 

  • Apple podcast rating: 4.5 stars
  • Review bite: “The host of the CIPD podcast, highlights all aspects of business, growth and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!”
  • Typical run time: 30 mins
  • 1st episode: Annual Conference 2006” — February 26, 2014

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The Digital Adoption Show

This learning podcast is focused on the outcomes of human resource development and return on investment in learning. Hosted by learning professionals from Whatfix, a digital learning platform, “The Digital Adoption Show” discusses L&D strategies, insights, stories, and advice with thought leaders in the HR space. It also offers tips to elevate your learning career via personal growth. Many of the topics are broad, zeroing in on the future of learning and how technology is revolutionizing L&D. Some guests have included ​​Carrie Berg, former vice president of L&D at Teladoc Health, and Richard Bores, a learning and performance executive. 

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The eLearning Coach Podcast

Hosted by Connie Malamed, a L&D professional from the eLearning Coach site, this podcast focuses on instructional design and visual communication related to L&D. She interviews industry experts such as Andrea Gregg, the director of online pedagogy and an assistant teaching professor in the department of mechanical engineering at Penn State University, on the benefits of using the think-aloud method in learning experience design, focusing on feedback from users versus designers. Other themes the host touches on include finding a career path in instructional design, using apps to automate workflow, and effective surveys for instructional design. 

  • Apple podcast rating: 4.9 stars
  • Review bite: “This is one of the most informative podcasts I have listened to. I just discovered this podcast and I make it a point to listen to at least two episodes each week. It is inspiring and full of professional development ideas.”
  • Typical run time: 30 mins
  • 1st episode: Creating A Connected And Engaged Organization” — June 26, 2013

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The HR L&D Podcast

Hosted by Nick Day — executive coach and founder of JGA Recruitment Group, which specializes in payroll and HR recruiting — this podcast fuses the HR and L&D spaces, discussing topics that often touch both. It’s designed to help HR and L&D professionals optimize their workforce development goals, drive business results, and improve company performance through actionable advice, insights, and strategies. For example, on the show, Day has discussed pay transparency with Rameez Kaleem, founder and director of 3R Strategy; advancement opportunities for women in business with Burcin Ressamoglu, CEO at Sodexo Engage; and employee wellbeing management in HR with Lesley Cooper, management consultant and founder of WorkingWell. 

  • Apple podcast rating: 5 stars
  • Review bite: “Nick Day is a terrific podcast host. It’s clear that he is passionate about his podcast and genuinely enjoys listening to, and learning from, his guests. The conversations appear to be very fluid, yet the host obviously is well-prepared, as there are never dull moments. Bravo to Nick for continuing to secure interesting and knowledgeable guests for the show! With so many ‘business’ podcasts out there, it’s hard to know which ones are worth your time. If you’re looking for a dull, dry, and monotonous podcast, this one is not for you. ​​If you’re looking for energy, passion, a variety of subjects, and useful information, this is it!”
  • Typical run time: 45 mins
  • 1st episode: Content Curation for L&D Professionals – with Stephen Walsh” — October 17, 2018

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The L&D Career Club Podcast

Hosted by Sarah Cannistra, a L&D career and executive coach based in Austin, Texas, this podcast is for anyone interested in L&D and instructional design who doesn’t know where to start. “The L&D Career Club Podcast” dispels myths such as the “L&D Upskilling Myth” (debating whether to upskill or familiarize yourself with one nuanced skill) and focuses on career trajectory development such as “How to Become a CLO.” Cannistra interviews leaders including David James, CLO at 360Learning and host of “The Learning and Development Podcast;” Al Dea, consultant and founder of Betterwork Labs; and Meredith Fish, vice president of people and culture at WorkRamp.

  • Apple podcast rating: 4.9 stars
  • Review bite: “L&D has been a side-responsibility of mine for most of my career. Just recently I transitioned to a more formal L&D role and Sarah’s insights and suggestions have been life changing. The guests she hosts share a modern and relevant perspective with tips that can be immediately applied. This is a must listen!”
  • Typical run time: 45 mins
  • 1st episode: From Teacher to Instructional Designer with Emily Griffin” — November 16, 2020

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The L&D Lounge with Yolanda Fraction: Learning and Development, Leadership and Talent Development

Learning expert and former elementary school teacher Yolanda Fraction is the host of this L&D podcast, which takes a more relaxed approach to understanding the field through peer-to-peer learning. The podcast is designed to make listeners feel like they are in a lounge with L&D professionals, some of which include Kason Morris, head of global skills, talent marketplace, and internal mobility at Allstate, and Kate Udalova, chief product officer at 7taps, a microlearning platform. Some topics Fraction discusses with guests include the return to the office and how to design effective meetings, as well as non-traditional training.

  • Apple podcast rating: 5 stars 
  • Review bite: “I really am grateful for this podcast! I believe Yolanda has this ability to make you feel like you are right at home, meeting you wherever you are on the journey. The guests she brings on are clearly passionate about their journeys and they drop so many GEMS on what we need to think about in thriving in the field. I really appreciate how she teases out more from the people she is interviewing without making it feel like a formal interview. Her personal stories are powerful, frank and impactful as I am grateful she is willing to let me in on her journey through this podcast. This is totally worth the listen if you need a boost in the L&D field!”
  • Typical run time: 30 mins
  • 1st episode: Virtual Training Best Practices with Kassy LaBorie” — April 28, 2020

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Learning and Development 101

Hosted by learning professional Joe Carse, this podcast covers L&D from the ground up, so anyone new to the industry can start building their knowledge. “Learning and Development 101” explores empathy, audio learning, and motivation in the context of L&D. Some of the episodes also focus on personal journeys in the L&D career field, such as with Martina Kubikova, a learning coordinator at Utility Warehouse. Other guests have included Olivia Hirshfield, a partnerships and business development manager at Embley, and David James, CLO at 360Learning. 

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The Learning & Development Podcast

Hosted by David James, CLO at Looop by 360Learning and former director of talent, learning, and organizational development (OD) for the Walt Disney Company, this podcast debates trending L&D and workforce development topics with various guests. Sample topics include generative artificial intelligence’s effect on L&D, such as ChatGPT’s emergence, and employee performance improvement tips. Guest speakers include Aimee Young, a L&D manager at data company Snowplow, and Dr. Judith Hale, performance improvement expert.  

  • Apple podcast rating: 4.9 stars
  • Review bite: “Great podcast for everyone who cares about the performance of the business and understands how L&D can have an impact on that. Lots of great ideas, and reality-checks about where this profession is going and what are the skills we are going to need in the future.”
  • Typical run time: 45 mins
  • 1st episode: Developing A Learning Culture & Organisation With Nigel Paine” — June 17, 2019 

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The Learning Geeks

Hosted by learning professionals Bob Gerard, Dana Koch, and Jake Gittleson, this L&D podcast takes a theoretical approach to better learning by discussing relevant issues, games, films, sciences, technologies, and ideas related to learning. They interview a diverse group of L&D professionals, ranging from EY’s cognitive neuroscientist Dr. Grace Chang to CEO of MasterClass David Rogier. “The Learning Geeks” discusses the importance of networking in the L&D space, psychometrics and assessments in the workplace, and cohort learning design, among other L&D themes. 

  • Apple podcast rating: 4.8 stars
  • Review bite: “This is one of the most insightful podcasts that I have ever come across! Bob, Dana, and Jake do such a great job of sharing their wisdom and I love how they lead meaningful conversations with guests who bring so much experience to the table. Highly recommend checking this show out – you won’t be disappointed!”
  • Typical run time: 30 mins
  • 1st episode: Science of Teams, Magic of Creativity, and Learning Rituals” — July 18, 2018

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Learning Uncut

Hosted by learning strategists Michelle Ockers and Karen Moloney, “Learning Uncut” is a L&D podcast about problem solving and expert advice. Instead of scripted discussions, the hosts have honest conversations sharing real examples and strategies to approach L&D. Each episode features a guest, with notable speakers including Catriona Malcolm, enterprise design practice lead at Westpac Group, and Dean Summlar, the vice president of talent management and learning at Schneider Electric. Conversation topics have included how to support L&D in a hybrid work environment and how to design skills development solutions. 

  • Apple podcast rating: 4.8 stars
  • Review bite: “Great show that covers such a wide variety of learning case studies in the workplace. It’s good to hear about these real world examples.”
  • Typical run time: 50 mins
  • 1st episode: Podcasts for Learning – Nicole White” — June 10, 2018

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Learning While Working

Hosted by learning professionals from Sprout Labs, a digital learning platform, this learning podcast is dedicated to understanding trends in digital learning, performance, and learning data. The hosts interview other various learning professionals such as Rustica Lamb, founder of Bloom Learning Technologies, about augmented reality for learning. This podcast also explores questions like how to increase learning retention and generate thinking, as well as how companies can incorporate that into learning design. Other topics include rethinking online assessments, drawing as a learning activity, and tips for becoming a better learning designer. 

  • Apple podcast rating: 4.8 stars
  • Review bite: “Includes interviews with great experts Episode 56 especially!”
  • Typical run time: 25 mins
  • 1st episode: Activating learning with the 70-20 tool” — October 25, 2016

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The Mind Tools L&D Podcast

Hosted by learning professionals from learning consultancy Mind Tools, this podcast is for HR professionals who want to delve deeper into topics and industry trends of L&D. The hosts interview Mind Tools team members, as well as outside guests such as Matt Pfleger, then organizational development consultant at UMass Memorial Health, and executive coach Patrice Gordon. The podcast narrows in on topics through the scope of L&D, such as how to write a book and how to evoke emotion through video design. 

  • Apple podcast rating: 4.7 stars
  • Review bite: “Insightful, engaging and often humorous discussion around L&D – great format, hosts and guest contributors.”
  • Typical run time: 35 mins
  • 1st episode: Is L&D dead? And can neuroscience help us at work?” — May 17, 2016

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At Senior Executive L&D, we are constantly speaking with L&D leaders and looking for good examples of L&D resources. To recommend podcasts to add to this list, please contact Senior Executive Media at editor@seniorexecutive.com.

Our Senior Executive L&D editors are always adding to our collection of resources for L&D leaders like you. From a glossary of L&D terms to awards to apply for, visit our additional resources to find ideas and inspiration.

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