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The 8 Gifting Startups Busy Execs Should Know

Thoughtful gifts can show employees and clients that you care. But finding the perfect, personal present can be a challenge. See the gifting platforms that make the process easy.

by Brad Moon on November 22, 2021


  • AI and machine learning programs can automate the gifting process

  • Platforms create lists of personalized gifts based on employees’ interests

  • Most platforms remind users of key dates, like anniversaries and birthdays

  • Gifts options often include physical items, experiences, gift cards and donations

Corporate gifting sends a signal to customers, clients and employees that you’re thinking of them. Even a small, personalized gesture can strengthen the relationships that lead to successful businesses. 

However, keeping track of all of your employees and clients is time-consuming. Now, corporate gifting platforms offer an automated way to give personalized gifts at the best moments. These services keep track of birthdays, holidays and work anniversaries — so you don’t have to. Some even employ AI to help you pick the gifts. 

Here are eight of the best platforms for corporate gifting.

1. Giftpack AI

  • What it is: Giftpack AI’s marketplace contains over 3 million gifts ranging from $25 handmade rugs to $150,000 high fidelity speakers. Senders can opt for custom notes or logos on packaging. If a recipient chooses not to accept a gift, they can instead donate to a charitable organization. 
  • Who it’s for: Employees, customers and clients.
  • How it works: Giftpack AI generates five gift recommendations based on a personality quiz sent to gift recipients. Employers can also provide employees’ social media or keywords to skip the quiz. Giftpack also integrates with commonly used CRM’s (including Salesforce, Slack and Hubspot) to keep track of key dates. 
  • How much it costs: A subscription to the platform starts at $14.99 monthly per 100 recipients (plus gift costs).

2. &Open

  • What it is: In addition to physical gifts, &Open allows you to send a recipient cash (either via direct deposit or a service like PayPal), as well as subscriptions to popular streaming services like Netflix and Spotify. The company also offers artesian gifts, including wool socks and beeswax candles from Ireland, cookies from New York and handmade mugs from San Francisco.
  • Who it’s for: Customers and clients
  • How it works: &Open provides a gifting link that you can send to recipients via email, message, live chat or SMS. Customers then can pick their gift of choice. &Open is able to automatically schedule and dispatch gifts on key dates, such as holidays or anniversaries, by integrating with popular CRMs.
  • How much it costs: Pricing is customized for each user. 

3. Alyce

  • What it is: Alyce sends gifts to prospective clients based on AI recommendations, helping convert prospects into customers. Companies can also create their own branded “swag” with hundreds of items to choose from, including clothing and outdoor equipment from popular manufacturers. Alyce offers experiential gifts (including historical tours) and on-demand services (such as professional portrait sessions). The platform also offers subscription gifts and gift cards. 
  • Who it’s for: Customers, clients and prospects.
  • How it works: Alyce’s AI uncovers recipients’ interests outside of work by scanning publicly-available social media and online info. The platform then suggests gifts from its marketplace. Recipients can accept, exchange or donate gifts. Alyce integrates with Salesforce and calendar applications to send gifts on key dates. 
  • How much it costs: Pricing is customized for each user. 

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4. Gift My Client

  • What it is: Gift My Client ships items with personalized messages on cards with your company’s branding. This is preferable if you’re looking for artisanal or handmade gifts — think wooden bowls instead of headphones. Gift My Client ensures departments choose only gifts that conform to corporate guidelines and any governance restrictions.
  • Who it’s for: Customers, clients, employees, influencers and referrals.
  • How it works: Business users are provided with a secure, private, company-branded website. This website is then sent to employees within the company, as well as external clients or prospects. Recipients choose from gifts and experiences in a curated catalog, including limited edition items. Gift My Client integrates with CRMs to track key dates and HR software to keep track of gifting guidelines.
  • How much it costs: Gift products range from $25 to $1,000. Service costs vary based on customer requirements. 


  • What it is: allows senders to pick from thousands of gifts in categories including tech, apparel, sustainable gift items, food and drinks — all of which can be branded. The platform also offers experiences, gift cards and corporate swag. Clients include NBC, Disney, Deloitte and Dell. 
  • Who it’s for: Customers, clients and employees.
  • How it works: The platform creates a private, digital store where recipients can pick gifts. includes the ability to pre-schedule gifts and automate gift triggers through CRM integration.
  • How much it costs: The platform is free with a minimum annual gift spend.

6. Snappy

  • What it is: Snappy offers an all-in-one, corporate-gifting platform with gift campaigns, budgeting and reporting tools. Snappy’s strengths include the ability to automate gift campaigns, send bulk gifts, track employee metrics and determine the most popular gifts. Snappy’s gift inventory features 1 million items, including physical products, digital experiences, vacations, donations and corporate-branded swag.
  • Who it’s for: Employees, customers and clients.
  • How it works: Users can set a gift budget, and Snappy’s AI will follow up with a curated collection of items within the budget range. Once a gift giver picks an item from this list, recipients receive an email with a “scratch-and-reveal” digital gift link. After clicking through, the recipient can accept the gift, or instead choose from a curated list of options in the same price range. Snappy can track important dates, including anniversaries, for gifting.
  • How much it costs: Snappy charges an annual subscription fee, plus service fee on gift items claimed.

7. Sendoso

  • What it is:  Sendoso is a gifting platform that’s designed for large-scale campaigns. Use cases range from sending holiday gifts to building campaigns aimed at potential clients to awarding event attendees. Their real-time “Send Tracker” shows status of gifts and digital gift cards to make timely followup easier. Senders choose from hundreds of gift cards on Sendoso’s marketplace, custom gift boxes, corporate-branded swag or personalized items from Amazon. 
  • Who it’s for: Customers and prospective clients.
  • How it works: You choose the gift, and Sendoso emails or ships it. The company offers worldwide fulfillment with preferential rates to 165 countries. Integration with CRM tools including Salesforce and Hubspot keep track of users and dates. 
  • How much it costs: Pricing is based on the number of annual gifts sent, the number of external software integrations and access to international shipping.

8. EvaBot

  • What it is: EvaBot is a great choice when corporate branding is an important consideration, with branded boxes available. The platform offers 300+ products to pack into one gift box. Categories include food, coffee, liquor, popular consumer electronics (such as Amazon Echo Show), travel gear and household items. Most plans include free U.S. shipping for a set number of gifts per year. 
  • Who it’s for: Customers, employees and prospective clients.
  • How it works: Gift recipients click a gift link. Then, Eva’s AI chatbot asks a few questions, which become a branded gift box with handwritten notes based on recipients’ preferences. An AI gift selection engine ensures recipients aren’t sent the same gift box repeatedly. CRM integration allows for automated sending at key moments.
  • How much it costs: Gift prices range from $30 to $1,000 (plus packing, handling and shipping fees). If a company spends over $500 on gifts monthly, EvaBot’s platform comes with no additional cost. Users who do not hit this minimum spend pay $129 and upward monthly, with an enterprise plan also available. 

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