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DEI Leadership Awards to Apply for in 2023

Each year, these organizations accept nominations and recognize leaders who pave the way for diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace.

by Senior Executive Media Editors on July 10, 2023

Editor’s Note: This piece was originally published by Kimberly Valentine in March 2023 and has since been updated by Taylor Odisho.

We compiled a list of diversity and inclusion awards for 2023, and encourage you to apply to the ones you qualify for — or nominate someone you know to recognize their accomplishments in diversity, equity, and inclusion.  

As every chief diversity officer knows, diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives don’t progress without someone leading the charge. 

Sometimes the person playing point on an initiative is the very leader responsible for their company’s DEI mission. Other times, it’s another executive or senior leader who’s committed to creating employee belonging through ERGs, increasing diversity through recruiting strategies, or expanding access for those with disabilities.  

Each year, organizations across industries recognize inspiring DEI leaders who are driving change with diversity leadership awards. The awards for 2023 are listed below. By clicking on the column headers, you can sort the list in different ways to help you find the awards for which you — or a diversity leader you know — is eligible.

DEI Leadership Awards, 2023

Why should you consider applying for DEI leadership awards?

Receiving one of the awards above as a DEI leader is a recognition of the hard work you’ve put into creating a diverse and inclusive workplace and an acknowledgment of the critical role you play in developing your company’s culture. It also serves as evidence of your company’s commitment to DEI and may lead to press opportunities to showcase your company’s inclusive culture to a variety of stakeholders, from customers to job candidates. 

For aspiring diversity leaders whose organizations don’t yet have a dedicated DEI leader, being awarded one of these honors may serve as a proof point for your leadership team of the critical role DEI efforts play in their workplace. Not only that, a diversity leadership award demonstrates your experience and qualifications, setting you up for better chances of success if you choose to pursue a CDO job opening in the future. 

Senior Executive DEI Think Tank is a criteria-based membership community for chief diversity officers and senior-level DEI leaders at large organizations to share difference-making tactics, trade valuable resources, and seek the counsel of experienced peers in a private, confidential setting.

Do you qualify?

Are you ready to apply for these DEI awards? 

When crafting your own nomination, or the nomination of a colleague, pay careful attention to each award’s guidelines to address all criteria. Wherever possible, provide specific examples and metrics that demonstrate success. 

Many of these awards welcome nominations without an associated application cost. For awards that do have an application cost, consider inquiring with your company to find out if it can be approved as a business expense — don’t forget, a DEI leadership award reflects positively on the company, too. 

Stay ahead of application deadlines and bookmark this article for future reference so that you’ll be ready to nominate yourself or a fellow diversity leader who’s driving diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace.

If your organization has diversity awards for leaders, or we’re missing an award on our list, tell us at

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